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Nohwet village is one of the biggest villages in eastern Riwar, in the southern part of Pynursla. Located around 73km away from Shillong city, Nohwet has a sound infrastructure, proper roads, electricity, drinking water etc. The village also produces and supplies one of the best quality areca nuts (kwai) in khasi and jaintia hills.

A main attraction of Nohwet, is the famous Living Root Bridge, a marvelous feat of human ingenuity, nurtured by Nature herself, and is now a shining example of symbiosis between Man and Mother Nature.

Apart from this the village also has numerous tourist sites including serene waterfalls, rock formations and a historical dwelling, more than 150 years old. Hence this region in general and the village in particular has great potential in becoming a must see destination for tourists.

  • Jingkieng Jri, Nohwet (Living root bridge)

  • Kyndiar Village

  • Kshaid Wahshrieh (Monkey Falls)

A brief History

It is believed that the Nohwet village was formed by three major clans, the Khongsar,Khonglanoh and Khongthiem clans. The exact date of its formation has however been lost. These three clans are now known as the three mothers (lai Kmie).

Since then, the settlement kept on expanding and so too, its population, due to the inflow from the nearby villages. At present, Nohwet has 366 households and the total population is 1996 (2011 census).

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We the inhabitants of Nohwet, have a long standing tradition of being hospitable and welcoming to our guests. Our people join hands in providing an unforgettable experience to our guests.


Surrounded by pristine locations, untouched by man, Nohwet offers an escape from the hectic day to day. Get in touch with Nature in its rawest form and lose yourself in its majesty.

Local Cuisine

Experience unique delicacies and indulge your taste buds on pure Khasi dishes, made with the freshest ingredients. Feast on healthy and organic cuisine that is unique to our people.


For those with a passion for photography, Nohwet is a hidden paradise. Trek through thick woods, across fast moving rivers, scale steep cliffs... Discover scenes and locales that will leave you spellbound.

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For guests who want the full Nohwet Experience, we have comfortable lodging and accomodation facilities in our village. Live the simple life and rediscover the joys of living alongside nature.

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